Hello everyone, my name is Pavel / Taj Sandeep Singh. My spiritual name resonates with being fearless and joyful. I like both names, call me as you like. I am originally  from the Czech Republic and started yoga journey in my teens. After many years of Vinyasa yoga I got interested in Ashtanga yoga and later in Kundalini yoga.

Not long after I started practicing Kundalini yoga I joined teacher's training. It wasn't because I wanted to teach, it was simply to discover more what this style of yoga can offer. I completely immersed myself with this practice.

It was Kundalini yoga that helped me to quickly get rid of old habits that didn't serve me anymore. I gained discipline and determination. For the firs time in my life I felt truly strong, independent and free. After finishing my teacher training course it was a natural flow to share the teachings with other people.Kundalini yoga is practical, challenging and also very beautiful. I am a passionate musician, playing piano, guitar, drums and harmonium – you can expect me to bring some of these instruments to my classes. I like working with the sound current (naad - mantras & chanting) and dynamic yoga as well as deep meditation.

I frequently participate and lead men circles. I believe this kind of practice is very important in the days we live in at the moment. Human is a tribal being. Men used to sit together and share their experiences. The elders lead the younger ones. The younger ones gave new perspective to the elders. Living separately in our flats gives a level of separation. Men don't talk about how they feel as much, perhaps because they are not given the right support and space. They don't want to come across as weak. But it is the vulnerble place where one can find strenght.


I also work as a Tuina (traditional chinese medical massage) practitioner in York.


Why kundalini yoga?

I believe that kundalini yoga is the most powerful tool known to human kind at this age. It is essentially a technology that everyone can acquire and that is helpful in many aspects such as tuning into your body and finding what does not work properly and then getting clear tools on how to work with it (eg. weak kidneys or thyroid); going through any block that has been created (eg. childhood traumas) or that you have created yourself in your mind; developing a neutral mind so you are becoming an observer to a situation rather then being dragged into the emotional turmoil. 

Kundalini yoga was first mentioned in the Vedas, it is truly an ancient practice thousands of years old. In the past there would be a master yogi and a student that would be given one kriya for his/her life. For example he/she would be given a mantra. Normally one would need to study Hatha yoga for many years before "qualyfying" to Kundalini yoga.

Yogi Bhajan started teaching Kundalini yoga despite the fact that this was such a sacred practice. Why? Because he believed that in today's age there is simply no time for waiting 10 years to get one kriya so he made this practice available for everyone. Everything is happening so fast (and is speeding up). All the 4G, 5G, Wifi, commercials, media, adverts, internet overstimulates our nervous system. This is a cause of stress. And this is one of the reasons that people are unhappy. It's just simply too much to bear. When one strenghtens their nervous system he/she becomes more resilient to any stress from outside. Practicing Kundalini yoga balances the glandular system and in turn hormonal release, thus the body works at its best. One develops neutral mind and learns how to act rather than react. Nowadays there are more than 70.000 kriyas and meditations, all free to learn at 

Given the fact that Kundalini yoga is simply the most dynamic form of yoga it is clear that this practice will not be serving everyone. Some people may choose a more gentle way of rising the consciousness and that is absolutely fine. Everybody has a different path and pace. From my point of view, steady practice of Kundalini yoga is very benefitial for everyone.