Just be a Man!


Just be a Man they say! Don't cry! Don't show emotions, don't show any weakness! Man up! ....... Is this really the way? How can Man stand his ground, be the sturdy tree that his partner can rely on, and how can he, at the same time, feel free to express how he feels without the fear of judgement?


In rapidly changing world. full of turbulence and crisis, how do we experience fulfillment as a Man? How do we define our identity, our meaning and purpose, and our social roles and gender? How can we stand with dignity? How can we be the supportive and always-listening Man that our partner can rely on?


Human is a tribal being. For centuries knowledge was passed on from grandfathers onto their sons onto their sons. We live in an age where this tribal aspect is substituted by media and internet. Do men know what their ancestors knew or has this knowledge been lost?


We will go through these questions at the first men circle at Millers Yard in York.


We will start with a sharing circle, getting to know each other and learning how to open up. Then we will move, sweat, breathe and chant. Then we shall eat together, share and develop connections. After lunch there will be space for going deeper into one of the selected topics. And we will finish with meditation.


The topic for this gathering is: Working with your ancestral line, cultivating men's sexual energy and yogic diet for men for winter season. 


Investment is £33. Places are limited. Please pay through this link to secure your place as soon as you know you can commit.

Arrive at 9:30 to get settled and grab yourself a cup of tea. The program starts at 10am. We will finish at 5pm.



- your yoga mat (there are a few mats if you don't have or forget)

- blanket to cover yourself during meditation / relaxation

- comfortable clothes for yoga

- water bottle

- some vegetarian/vegan + sugar-free food to share

- friend (optional) :)


This event is specifically for men only. I'm sure our partners will understand and will be waiting for us when we get back home with new knowledge and techniques on how to be the Man.

New course coming soon