What is sadhana?

Term sadhana comes from Sanskrit root, sadhu, meaning “go straight to a goal”, and is used to refer to a daily spiritual practice. Sadhana represents a disciplined surrendering of the ego, in which the practitioner uses tools such as asana, pranayama, meditation and chanting on a daily basis.


Sadhana is the root of Kundalini yoga. It is your daily pracitce where you focus on a specific meditation or kriya. Doing a kriya/meditation every day is a beautiful personal challange one can set. When practicing daily, one can rewire old patterns and estabilish new habits. The meditation/kriya you choose then becomes part of you.

Yogi Bhajan was teaching that commitment is the first step to happiness. See if you can/want to commit to your daily practice. There are benefits in doing it for certain periods of time. More in the link below.

So why do we get up for morning sadhana? Because we have to face the whole day, and we cannot face the day without a constant level of energy. In sadhana we challenge the weakness, the laziness and our self-destruction. We challenge everything which is going to destroy us tomorrow. This is why we do it.

There is no live sadhana at the moment. Stay tuned on the social media for updates.

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It doesn’t matter if you know everything. The question is, do you practice?
Yogi Bhajan 27/3/95